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An Energy Company

Operation, exploration, development and production of Oil & Gas assets in the Angola Kwanza Basin

About Us

APEX ATLAS is an independent energy company focused primarily on the exploration, redevelopment and development of marginal oil & gas fields onshore across Angola.

The company was formed to develop a successful and efficiently managed upstream oil and gas project portfolio. In 2021, APEX ATLAS was awarded two non-operated redevelopment concessions, as well as one operated exploration concession, in the onshore Kwanza basin of Angola.


Our Mission

Our mission is to become Angola’s leading onshore developer of brownfields, as well as a pioneer in the discovery of new oil & gas fields that will support the country in its sustainable goals to further develop its energy sector, at the same time, generating employment and contributing to Angola's socio-economic development.

Our Team

At APEX ATLAS, our management team is composed of professionals with diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience, driving our success and commitment to Angola's energy sector. With expertise in petroleum engineering, geology, oilfield services, commercial negotiations, and economic consulting, our team members have worked for major oil companies, led successful discoveries and development projects, and played key roles in shaping legislation and fostering new investments in Angola and beyond.

Together, our team leverages their collective expertise to realise APEX ATLAS's mission and vision. By focusing on innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, our management team is dedicated to creating a brighter and more sustainable future for Angola's energy sector, unlocking the country's untapped potential, and contributing to its socio-economic development.

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Geraldine M. Geraldo

  • Business Development / Asset Commercialization / Negotiations

  • Experience: Africa and Latin America


Douglas Gaither

  • Management / Engineering / Operations

  • Experience: United States, North and West Africa


Jim Collins

  • Geoscience Lead

  • Experience: Angola, West Africa, Madagascar and Latin America


Cesar Perez Montaner

  • Asset management

  • Experience: Angola, Algeria, Latin America and Spain


Juan Carlos Moreno

  • Commercial and Economics Lead

  • Experience: United States, Europe and Africa

Our Assets

In May 2021, the company was awarded participating interest in three onshore blocks located in the Kwanza Basin of Angola. Two of the blocks are considered brownfields, due their production history between 1970 to 1990. A third exploration block was also awarded where the company is the operator. 


Further details on the company’s assets portfolio is available upon request. 

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